Surveillance Investigations

Eyewitness Investigations offers a variety of different surveillance specialties. Our surveillance specialists offer clients discreet professional surveillance services throughout Massachusetts. If you are looking for a professional investigator to get you the results your are looking for in a discreet manner then we are the firm for you. To find out more about Eyewitness Investigations surveillance services, call us today at 888-YOUR1PI (888-968-7174)!

About Massachusetts Surveillance Services

Eyewitness Investigations Investigators use the latest surveillance technology in the industry from night vision to covert surveillance equipment. We have access to a variety of different and unique equipment that the everyday investigator does not have. Eyewitness Investigations provides body worn surveillance equipment to enter public establishments/businesses, home/business security, employee monitoring, and much more.

Some of our surveillance specialties are as follows:

Employee Surveillances

Eyewitness Investigations offers a specialized surveillance to businesses. If you have reason to believe that your employees or staff are stealing time, merchandise/company equipment, or are using drugs/alcohol while at work, then you have come to the right firm. You want to stop the problem first before it becomes a liability to your company. Our undercover surveillance specialists can work for your agency as one of your employees. Our investigators specialize in this type of undercover assignment and we have saved companies thousands of dollars each year. The advantage of having an undercover investigator working on the inside is that the investigator can interact and blend in with your employees discreetly to find out the information and the evidence in which you would need if the case goes to litigation. Our investigators have testified on hundreds of cases. We can also assist you when it comes time to fire the employee with one of our security specialists.

GPS Tracking

Eyewitness Investigations offers our clients GPS services with the latest technology in the field today. Do you ever wonder if your employees are traveling where they are suppose to be traveling? Do you want to know exactly where your significant other is? Where your children are? Where your vehicle is? Let Eyewitness Investigations get the facts for you!

Our GPS units are placed covertly, are small, and are some of the highest tech GPS units in the industry. If you are looking to see what is going on and exactly where the vehicle is from a click of a mouse, then you have come to the right firm. Call Eyewitness Investigations today toll free at 888-YOUR1PI (888-968-7174) and set up an appointment with one of our GPS Specialists.

GPS units are great tools for: fleet tracking/vehicle tracking, infidelity tracking, teenager monitoring, recovering a vehicle, and much more!

Home/Business Surveillance Systems

At Eyewitness Investigations our surveillance specialists can install the technology needed that best suits your surveillance needs on your residence or business. Whether you are looking for a still camera to view the outside premises of your business, or covertly placed hidden cameras inside your business or hidden nanny cameras in your residence, Eyewitness Investigations can provide you all of your investigative needs.

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Our infidelity/cheating spouse surveillances is one of our client’s favorite specialties. When going through a divorce or thinking of getting a divorce, several area attorneys send their clients to us first to find them the evidence needed for litigation. If you think that your significant other is being unfaithful, then we will find you the facts. We have been successful catching several cheating husbands/wives/significant others being unfaithful. If you think that your significant other is being unfaithful, then give us a call today, so you are not the last to know.

Property Protection

Eyewitness Investigations offers a unique surveillance service to our clients. We have found that some of our clients are now being stalked by disgruntled employees, neighbors, significant others etc. N.I.S. strategically places highly trained undercover professional investigators on the site where you are being stalked. The investigators are then equipped with the technology needed to secure the evidence needed for litigation of the suspects. Whether you live in the city, in the suburbs, or in the woods, let Eyewitness Investigations. handle your situation and bring you the justice in which you deserve. We have been successful catching several of our client’s stalkers. If you feel that your own safety or your family’s safety is in jeopardy then wait no longer and call us today call us today at 888-YOUR1PI (888-968-7174) for a free consultation.

Workman’s Compensation Surveillances

Each year companies pay our millions of dollars due to individuals claiming workmen compensation. Eyewitness Investigations has saved companies thousands of dollars by catching individuals whom were fraudulently claiming an injury. If you suspect that an employee put in a fraudulent claim, then wait no longer and call us today so that we can secure you the evidence needed for litigation. Our surveillance specialists all have five years or more of investigating workman’s compensation cases and they have all given testimony on these types of cases in court. If you have had unsuccessful results with other agencies, then we are the agency you are looking for when it comes to workman’s compensation investigations. We bring the results to our clients.

Undercover Surveillances

Are you in need of an undercover professional investigator? Our undercover surveillances are both discreet and professional. We take pride in not getting made as investigators. The Eyewitness Investigations investigators are trained undercover professional investigators. Undercover surveillances is another one of our specialty surveillances. Whether you need secret shoppers, bar spotters, or even piracy investigations, Eyewitness Investigations has the experience in all types of surveillances and we are driven to bring you the results.