Private Detectives

Founded in 1998, Eyewitness Investigations is a highly-experienced, professional private detective agency that provides Private Detectives for insurance companies, law firms, corporations, businesses and private citizens.

As owner and lead Private Investigator, Michael Campbell has personally conducted thousands of very unique Private Investigations since 1989. As an experienced Private Detective, he has logged tens of thousands of hours in the field performing surveillance, interviewing subjects and witnesses, compiling detailed and accurate reports and securing high quality videotape and photographic evidence that has helped insurance companies, law firms, corporations, businesses and private citizens make important financial decisions.

What sets Eyewitness Investigations Private Detectives apart from the competition is skill attained through decades of experience, sensitivity and discretion, the highest ethical standards, aggressiveness tempered by reason, and a reputation for the industry’s most thorough Private Detectives.

We take pride in rendering a professional service and taking the time to listen to and understand our client’s needs to help them reach their goals. We are passionate about providing them with the most experienced and attention to detail conscience Private Detectives. We realize that the exceptional quality of our Private Detective service is absolutely essential to our client’s needs and recognize that we are accountable for the integrity of our work.

Our Private Detectives earn trust and respect every day through our sincerity, loyalty and dependable service to our clients, whether they are large or small. We maintain a unique and valued relationship with them because they rely on us for valuable and truthful information that helps them make important decisions.

As Private Detectives, we utilize our investigative savvy, experience, confidence, and professionalism to get the job done by probing every avenue to find the answers that our clients need and want. We have the courage, street smarts, and determination to obtain the truth to protect the financial, physical and emotional health of our valued clients.

As value-conscious consumers ourselves, we can be relied upon to deliver cost-efficient Private Investigations that will provide valuable insight and solutions to your problems.

Specialized Services include: